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"Having worked with Darwin as producer and bassist on his fine debut album, 'Starfishing', it was gratifying to collaborate on this, the follow up EP which sees a broadening of the musical pallet and an evolution of this gifted artist's style." - David J

Produced by Darwin & David J

Featuring -

David J - Bass Guitar

Victor DeLorenzo - Drumset, Percussion

Michael Berg - Piano

Chris Vibberts - Sitar

Achilles Poloynis - Trumpet

Attasalina - Backing Vocals

Brent Meyer - Programming

'Meaningless'  Emily Jane White, David J and Victor DeLorenzo

'Souvenir EP' released May 20, 2014 on Sorted! Records


"Beautiful 'heart on sleeve' songs of yearning, poignant lament and hope, making the listener feel like a confidant to a pure, confessional soul" - David J

Produced by David J

Featuring -

David J - Bass Guitar, Vocals, Keys

Henry Nagle - Guitars, Pedal Steel

Jesse Wickman - Drums

Judah Nagler - Keyboards, Vocals

Jessica Ivry - Cello

Emily Jane White - Guitar

Brent Meyer - Programming, Synths

Dustin Heald - Guitars, Percussion

'Starfishing' released 10/19/12